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The Purchasing Department is in charge of procuring the goods and raw-ingredients needed for the operations of THAI Catering, drawing on foreign as well as domestic sources in order to meet operational needs and to comply with specifications. The operations are divided as follows:

  • Goods procured from foreign sources are frozen meat products, frozen seafood and seafood products, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, milk, butter, flour and bakery products, canned foods and canned vegetables, fruits, and nuts of foreign origin. Seasonings and garnishes, caviar (fish eggs), paper products and special types of containers made of aluminum foil that can withstand high temperatures, goose liver, Japanese food products and Kosher meals are some more examples of products procured from abroad.
  • Examples of locally procured products include vegetables, fruits, meat and meat products, seafood and seafood products, seasonings and garnishes, spices and herbs, milk and dairy products, eggs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, processed foods, and dry ice.
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